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The Benefits of Owning a Cleaning Franchise 

Main Reasons to Open a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Have you ever thought about opening a commercial cleaning franchise? There are many potential benefits associated with small business franchise opportunities, genuine for businesses operating within the cleaning niche. With this in mind, today, our experts are on hand to help you find out a little more about the main reasons you might choose to open a commercial cleaning franchise – and how this could be a valuable solution overall. For more tips for success, Duble check has all the information you need. For more great topics such as “The Top Six Benefits of Daily Contract Cleaning” check out our blog.

Cleaning Franchise

Have you ever thought about diversifying your small cleaning business to make the most of the different franchise opportunities? Starting a commercial cleaning franchise can come with many benefits and perks. We have outlined several of these to support your decision and help you find a solution that works for your business’s requirements.

#1 Increased Income

There comes the point when your small cleaning business cannot generate any more income from its existing cleaning services. There comes a point when you offer all logical services from Office Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning to Windows Cleaning  – but that doesn’t mean you have to rule out generating more income completely. Indeed, when you establish a commercial cleaning franchise, you’ll benefit from a new income source alongside your ordinary income from cleaning. In turn, this can provide a significant boost to the amount of money your business can make, allowing you to enjoy far greater business success overall. 

#2 You Can Benefit from Greater Purchasing Power

As a small cleaning business at present, you likely recognise the pain that comes with paying out for cleaning products – but what if you could enjoy far more significant savings on the cost of these products? This is something that establishing your business as a franchise can help with, allowing your original company to enjoy far greater buying power – and more significant discounts on the cost of cleaning supplies, as a result.

#3 It Promotes your Business

A benefit of starting a commercial cleaning franchise that many people don’t often consider is the substantial boost for your original business overall. Indeed, when you launch a franchise and begin making contracts, your business’s brand name will start to be shared across a wider audience. In turn, this can help your brand become more well-known as a go-to provider of top-quality cleaning services, which may make it easier for your original business to attract new customers. It’s a highly effective marketing solution and can help boost your business overall.

Cleaning Services

#4 Enjoy New Marketing Opportunities

For a standard small cleaning business; marketing can seem like an exorbitant cost and one that you may even struggle to justify. However, as a commercial cleaning franchise, marketing costs can be shared across all the different businesses, making it far more affordable to payout. Whether it’s radio adverts, flyers, or potentially even a national TV or YouTube advertising campaign, starting a franchise can offer excellent benefits for your business marketing efforts overall.

#5 Expansion Potential

At present, your small commercial cleaning business is likely limited in the area it can cover for cleaning services; in short, the travel time outside of a set radius simply cannot justify the expense of providing cleaning services. However, when you diversify to become a commercial cleaning franchise instead, you’ll be able to expand your business and offer top-quality cleaning support to a far wider audience than might otherwise have been possible. As such, this could be a lucrative opportunity to consider for your firm overall.

#6 The Work’s Done for You

When you launch a franchise business, you won’t necessarily need to spend a great deal of time managing the franchisee’s businesses. Indeed, so long as the franchisees are following the business model presented to them, your business can continue to focus on operating the original brand; the franchisees manage the operations of the other franchise businesses for you.

#7 There’s Little Capital Risk

You could invest in starting a new cleaning business if you wanted to increase your profit margins. Still, as any business owner knows, this new venture will come with potentially huge cost risks. However, when you decide to start your commercial cleaning franchise instead, you won’t be liable for the same level of financial risk – which can make starting a retail cleaning franchise much less risky than establishing a new business to grow your cleaning team’s success.

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Still Have Questions? 

Owning your commercial cleaning franchise can offer a great deal of potential for your business; in fact, this is largely why so many small business owners have begun investigating the different franchise opportunities available to them. So, why leave things to chance; Duble Check cleaning has years of experience needed to provide all the information you could ever need. Contact us today and speak to one of our great team members. Alternatively, check out our blog for more great topics such as “Opening Up Your First Franchise: Everything You Need To Know“.

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