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Guaranteed turnover of up to £½ million per annum!

Do you dream of becoming your own boss? And Running a highly successful management franchise? Register your interest on this page using the contact form.

The Opportunity

Dublcheck is offering a Franchise Opportunity with seriously impressive benefits!

  • Guaranteed Turnover
  • Contracts Obtained FOR You
  • Low Cost Entry
  • Invoicing & Cash Collection
  • Minimum Overhead Requirements
  • Training & Support – Second to None!
  • No Selling Required!
  • Recession Proof Business Opportunity


Franchise A £17,950 £20,000
Franchise B £24,950 £40,000
Franchise C £31,950 £60,000
Franchise D £38,950 £80,000
Franchise E £45,950 £100,000
Franchise F £52,950 £120,000
Franchise G £59,950 £140,000
Franchise H £66,950 £160,000

Please Note: The above guaranteed turnovers relate to initial packages only. Additional contracts and packages can be purchased at any time later if required or a franchise can obtain business through their own efforts. All the above charges are VAT exclusive.
*All information correct at time of production. *Guaranteed initial turnover is not a guarantee of profit

Guaranteed initial turnover!

We provide you with every cleaning contract as part of the opportunity: take a look at the VIDEO below and to find out further information complete the FORM

Dublcheck’s unique franchise system is a proven way to build a successful business in a multi-billion pound industry.

Carol Stewart-Gill, Founder & Chairman of Dublcheck giving a keynote speech, about the 30 year history of Dublcheck, talking about its growth from an acorn to a multi million pound business.

There is always a regular & reliable demand for commercial cleaning

Unlike fashion trends or must have gadgets the demand for commercial cleaning will never stop or go out of style so you’ll have regular and reliable demand for your services.

  • We offer turnover options ranging from a turnover of £20K to £160k per annum. Depending on if someone wishes to run a business hands-on or fully managed.
  • You can join us with any level of turnover per annum and grow as large as you want to. If you want to run a fully managed business, there is no upper limit to stop you!

Dublcheck could be for you if this is you?

  • You want to work for yourself
  • You want to control your own destiny
  • You are facing redundancy or are seeking a business opportunity that has tried and tested marketing processes in place
  • You want to invest in an opportunity that will always have a demand for the services offered (irrespective of the economic climate)
  • You are fed up with the hassles, the commute & the politics of your current employment
Complete the FORM to access the full franchise information pack (no obligation)
  1. You’ll be running a Franchised business that is tried and tested.
  2. Dublcheck’s unique franchise system is a proven way to build a successful business in a multi-billion pound industry.
  3. Dublcheck represents an exciting opportunity for franchisees because of the growth and profit potential that can be maximized using the experience, knowledge and systems we have in place.

Dublcheck franchisee training day at head office

Most people ask… Where will my business come from?

Dublcheck obtain all the business for each franchisee with a dedicated in-house telemarketing and national sales team.

Friendly, open, flexible & realistic approach to the Franchise system. Dublcheck’s aim is to take as much of the business administration away from the franchisees and to leave them free to concentrate on their customers.

This is where the Dublcheck name comes from: The franchisee will check on the needs of the customer, whilst Dublcheck check on the needs of the franchisee. It is in essence the foundation of the company’s growth and success.

Franchisees will find that they have an initial guaranteed turnover from our sales team in line with their investment level and Intensive hands on training. In an industry where formal training has all too often been at the bottom of the priority list, Dublcheck stands out as being different. We are committed to providing a service of the highest quality to all our customers and the first step in providing this level of professionalism is TRAINING.

It is the bedrock upon which the future success of all Franchisees is based and it is, therefore, mandatory that all Franchisees attend, complete and attain the appropriate standards provided by the Initial Training Programme.

The training provides new Franchisees with the skills and knowledge whereby they are able to provide a quality service for all customers with maximum efficiency at the least cost and also ensures that they can manage and operate a profitable business.

Dublcheck founded in 1993 offers a proven way to build a successful business in a multi-billion pound industry.

The Benefits of Dublcheck are:

  • Guaranteed turnover
  • Low cost entry
  • Invoicing and cash collection done for you
  • Low overheads: you can operate from home
  • Training and ongoing support
  • Everywhere you look buildings and commercial premises need cleaning

With this business opportunity you’re the Boss!

Our business model is tried and tested in the UK. We are the one of longest established commercial cleaning franchise business in the UK: with us your earning potential is limitless.

This is a really exciting business opportunity for franchisee opportunity seekers because the growth and profit potential is exponential using our systems and marketing know-how.

Having been in the business of setting people up as franchisees in the commercial cleaning sector for over 30 years, Dublcheck knows how to deliver.

Dublcheck franchisee training day at head office

Sound Good? …Well that’s not all!

With a Dublcheck Franchise, you will also benefit from the following:

Peter & Julianna – Dublcheck franchisees
  • Ongoing training & head office support
  • A complete marketing strategy to develop your business
  • Recession-resilient earnings
  • Invoicing and cash collecting done for you
  • Low overhead requirements
  • A mentor franchisee to guide and assist you

Charles – Dublcheck franchisees

You’re in the driving seat with this opportunity…
No one hassling you for reports or deadlines!!

So if you want to be your own boss and improve your standard of living, download the full prospectus for further information.

Download our brochure to view all of our investment options.

Simon – Dublcheck franchisees

Dublcheck Guarantees your Sales/Turnover!

With Dublcheck you can build a business turnover of half a million pounds per annum without making a single sales call!

Whatever entry level of investment you choose, the business is provided for you and this is guaranteed as part of the franchise. Dublcheck’s dedicated and professional sales teams can deliver new contracts every single day.

Investments start from just £17,950. You can run your business hands on or develop it into a fully management business.

Download our brochure to view all of our investment options.

Annie & Dams – Dublcheck franchisees

Business builder

Building a Commercial Cleaning Franchise is like house building; the more bricks the bigger the house. With contracting, we use hours instead of bricks.

Build the hours and the sky’s the limit.

A Franchisee will have the option to choose at any time between the signing of the Franchise Agreement and the completion of initial training a Guaranteed Growth Option.

A Guaranteed Growth Option allows a Franchisee to place a request for the purchase of additional Guaranteed Turnover Packages to a value and at a time that will suit the projected growth of their business.

Unlimited Growth!

You will be able to grow as big as you want the sky’s the limit. Dublcheck’s unique franchise system is a proven way to build a successful business in a multi-billion-pound industry.

The opportunity to attend free of charge ongoing sales initiatives throughout the year such as the Dublcheck ‘Kickstart’ program. Such events are held frequently in order to assist with franchisees sales skills and generate further sales turnover for the franchisees. Many ideas and systems are shared with our franchisees which will assist in their future development.


Ongoing support

We support all our franchisees by allocating them a mentor. This scheme is unique to Dublcheck in which an experienced franchisee who has excelled in their business and has a wealth of knowledge will be on hand to guide and assist the new franchisee on any concern that they may have.

A full time accounts team who carry out invoicing and accounts administration on the franchisees behalf will assist with debts that the franchisees may be owed.

Constant communication and visibility from Dublcheck who maintain an internal intranet site which is updated on a daily basis to provide announcements to the franchisees.

Third party support for employment law and health & safety concerns which is also available 24/7 across the year.

Dedicated suppliers on board with online ordering portals who are experienced in the nature of franchising and provide a service bespoke to each franchisees needs.

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