Hotel Commercial Cleaning

Hotel Cleaning; Guest Satisfaction & The Impact

Hotel Commercial Cleaning

Hotel Cleaning; Guest Satisfaction & The Impact

22nd November 2022

Have you ever travelled abroad or even in our country and visited a hotel and been disappointed by the lack of cleanliness? It is much more common than you might think, but when we travel, we always look to stay somewhere clean, tidy and good value for money, so what happens when the hotel you arrive at is not clean? Well, it is more than likely you will not return to the same hotel again in the future, so if you own a hotel, what can you do about this? 

If you are a hotelier and are passionate about making your guest’s experience the best it can be, you will need a professional commercial cleaning company, around 96% of guests would not return to a hotel if it was not clean; imagine what that amount of clientele could do for your business! 

Here at Dublcheck Cleaning, we specialise in hotel cleaning services; over the past several years, we have seen the impact an unclean hotel can have on a business; guest satisfaction should be your number one priority! Let’s look at how your hotel’s cleanliness can impact your guest’s stay and overall satisfaction when they leave. 

Hotel Commercial Cleaning Services

Keeping Your Hotel Clean At All Times 

Running a hotel can be a lot of work, and the busy hustle and bustle environment can get hectic at the best of times, but this is when your hotel needs to be kept clean and tidy! It can be straightforward to neglect cleanliness when you are busy with guests checking in and out, and certain areas can fall below the correct standards. 

But if you employed a cleaning franchise such as ourselves here at Dublcheck, you could take your mind off the cleaning and focus solely on your guests. Let’s explore some of the top locations in your hotel that can get untidy and unclean when you are experiencing busy periods. 

Reception & Front Lobby 

One of the most important things to remember is that first impressions count, the first place your guests will go when they arrive at your hotel is the reception desk and front lobby; if this is unclean, we promise your guests will notice! 

This area of your hotel should be immaculate, it sets the tone of your hotel immediately to your guests, so if you have a dirty reception area, your guests will be on alert to check further for cleanliness, especially when they arrive at their room. 

You need your reception area to be clean, hygienic and free of hazards; a crisp reception area is always welcomed; you will know this if you have travelled yourself! 

Hotel Lobby Cleanliness

The Hotel Room; Relaxing & Revitalising 

After a busy day of shopping or getting ready before an evening on the town, the first thing you want to do when you arrive at your hotel is sit down or even lie down on the bed and have a 5-minute relaxation! If the hotel room is clean and noticeably dirty, this is possible and will, without a doubt, leave your guests dissatisfied. 

You may feel a quick tidy-up between guests is satisfactory, but believe us when we tell you that it is not; just because you can’t see the remembrance of any previous guests, it does not mean that your room is clean, you need to make sure any germs and bacteria have been removed between every guest check-in and out. 

Employing a cleaning company such as Dublcheck allows you to rest in the knowledge that the room your guests are walking into is spotless! It will be clean, tidy, hygienic and ready for even the harshest critic! 

Hotel Room cleanliness

Do You Have A Restaurant?

Your guests may want to sit and enjoy a delicious meal in your restaurant, whether for dinner or breakfast; the restaurant must be clean; this is one of the most critical areas in your hotel for cleanliness; strict hygiene levels must be maintained. This aspect of hygiene and cleanliness isn’t just for your guests, it is also for your hotel, and its licences, health and safety will visit your hotel. 

If your restaurant meets the strict standards required, you can avoid being slammed with a low food hygiene score, which will, without a doubt, cause your guests to choose a different hotel in the future. 

Having a clean restaurant does not refer to just the tables and chairs; it is the entire restaurant, including the kitchen, bathrooms and any surface within the perimeter; having a clean and welcoming restaurant will make guests return to your hotel without a doubt! 

Hotel Restaurant Cleanliness

Has Covid-19 Changed The Impact Of A Clean Hotel? 

In the aftermath of the global pandemic, there has been a massive shift in focus to hygiene and cleanliness, it was always there before, but now people are talking about it; those who never checked hotel cleanliness ratings before are now focusing heavily on it. A massive 1 in 4 reviews use the words ‘clean’, ‘cleaned’ and ‘cleanliness’; this shows how much guests focus on it!

Arranging for a professional cleaning company such as Dublcheck to come into your hotel and offer an outsourced cleaning service will, without a doubt, ensure all of your reviews are left with raving comments about cleanliness; we want your guests to love visiting your hotel whilst feeling safe. 

Choose Dublcheck Cleaning For Hotel Cleaning Services Today! 

Guest satisfaction is key to a successful hotel. Keeping your property clean and tidy can ensure guests have a positive experience while in your establishment. Not only will this result in repeat customers, but it may also lead to positive online reviews, which can draw in new guests. 

If you’re looking for professional cleaning services that will help improve guest satisfaction, contact Dublcheck Cleaning today. We offer a wide range of services tailored specifically for hotels, and our team of experts are dedicated to providing the best possible service. 

Let us take care of the cleaning so you can focus on running your business!

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